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Protecting Your Eyes at Home in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Eyecare WellnessMost people consider their homes a safe place to relax and let their guard down. You know your way around the environment and how to maneuver to avoid running into things, dropping them on yourself or other types of hazards. But, in fact, it is this very tendency to be less cautious that can result in harm. Now is a good time to reflect on eye safety at home and some of the more common risks you may overlook.

Two of the more common household issues that can lead to eye injuries are chemicals and tiny items that find their way into your eyes. The first, sprays and cleaners, are abundant in most homes. We spritz air fresheners and cleaning solutions from the basement to the attic for one reason or another. If you are not careful, the nozzle could be pointed towards you instead of away. Even if you are careful to avoid this experience, you must also remember that tiny droplets of the spray hang in the air and can find their way into your eyes.

Another example of eye hazards are the myriad objects that may or may not have sharp edges but can easily find their way close to our face. This is especially true for children with tiny toys or writing utensils of any kind. And more than one person can attest to getting hot oil droplets splashed in their eyes when cooking!

If you believe your outdoor areas are void of eye hazards, think again. It is always best to wear safety goggles when mowing your yard for instance. Things expelled from a mower – such as rocks or pebbles – become instant projectiles that can forever change your eyesight. And a garage full of tools, recreational equipment, or chemicals used for the outdoors also pose a danger.

So, what is the best way to avoid eye injuries at home? Awareness is one suggestion. Approach tasks with an abundance of caution is also a good idea. Also invest in a solid pair of safety goggles and use them when you are about to undertake a job that may be harmful to your sight. Your eyes are precious. Treat them with care.

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