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Prepping for a Visit to the Eyecare Specialist in Annapolis & Kent Island

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There are a variety of options for correcting eyesight to pristine 20/20 vision. One of these remains prescription eyewear, otherwise known as ‘glasses’. Glasses are not only corrective, but have become an important fashion accessory for many. In fact, prescription glasses are part of a trend statement in many people’s wardrobes.

However, the process for purchasing glasses has remained almost unchanged since the early days of optometry. In order to maximize your visit to an eye care center, the following suggestions are helpful. 

Set aside the time for a visit that will allow you to shop through the frame selection leisurely. Do not be in a hurry! There are so many styles and selections today that there is no need to wear glasses that you are not fully happy with.

Choose glasses that compliment the unique shape of your face. As you try on different frames, set aside no more than half-a-dozen that will become part of your final selection process. Then take a few moments and wear them around the store. Ask if you can take a ‘selfie’, and look at the frames on your face from that perspective.

Don’t make a hasty purchase that you may regret. This mistake can be avoided by paying close attention as you evaluate each style.  There are many online face shape guides that can help you make sure that you are choosing the best style for you.

Get input on the style from the professional eyeglass care personnel who work in the office. They are trained to provide support services to clients on all aspects of eyeglass purchasing.

Be sure to ask about discounts and special sales that will maximize your prescription eyewear shopping experience.

In today’s busy world that seems to lend itself more and more to online shopping, a visit to the optometrist remains one of the important purchases that cannot be relegated to the internet. Instead, take the time to enjoy this opportunity to correct your vision, and make a purchase that will enhance your life.

We here at Sea Island Eyecare are seasoned experts in all aspects of vision care. When it comes to your sight, seeking the services of professionals is imperative. We welcome the opportunity to serve all of your eyecare needs.

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