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Innovations in Eyecare Technology in Annapolis & Kent Island

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eyecare, OptometristIt should come as no surprise to learn that technology is causing changes and improvements to the delivery of eyecare services! Here are just a few innovations that are quickly becoming commonplace in the world of optometry.

For example, eye exams have gone high-tech. New tools have been made available to the eye doctor that help to ensure they have a better and more complete picture of your entire eye, including its health and vision ability. You may find the doctor using more sophisticated diagnostic testing devices than ever before. Even though at your next eye exam you may see the age-old eye chart,  better known as the ‘Snellen chart’, that may be the only familiar part of the eye exam you recognize!

Digital imaging is the manner in which most eye exams are now conducted. It is quick, exact and effortless and provides the eye doctor with a more accurate assessment of the state of your eyes and vision. Some of the modern tools include a vision profiler, lens profiler and digital retina scan. The vision profiler aims to create a visual ‘fingerprint’ of your eye. It is advanced enough to even determine how well your eyes can see in both day and nighttime lighting.

The lens profiler is able to not only measure the current strength and other details of the prescription glasses you wear but can also calculate suggested changes to your current prescription. What is most exciting about this tool is you are able to see the before and after difference in these changes through the use of a simulator! Finally, the digital retina scanner is much like other scanners in that it can create a detailed map of your entire eye and vision system. In other words, the optometrist is able to determine the state of your eye health more clearly than ever before!

There is no question that technology will continue to evolve as it relates to vision and eye care. There are other revolutionary tools in development that may one day allow the whole world to see with 20/20 clarity. Wouldn’t that be great?

For now, if you are in need of an eye exam, glasses or other support, please contact the Sea Island Eyecare professionals. We offer expert service and are proud to serve you!

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