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How to Save Money on Eye Care in Annapolis & Kent Island

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People may ignore eye care when they try to save money. Unfortunately, this is a wrong move that can have serious and even costly consequences.

High Cost Of Ignoring Eye Health

Those who neglect seeing their doctor despite suspecting they have problems with their eyes may realize their mistake too late when their vision has deteriorated and they are already facing a high risk of blindness. Treatment could be more expensive when this happens.

Dr. Tami Ross, an optometric physician, said that the eye can be very tolerant. People cannot often tell if there are issues with their eyes until the condition has become so advanced, or they feel lots of pain. By this time, the eye problem has become more difficult to treat.

Saving Money On Eye Care

Experts say that there are right and wrong ways to save money when it comes to eye health. Neglecting eye exams altogether, using reading glasses instead of your prescription glasses and wearing contact lenses far longer than doctors recommend may save some money but these are pitfalls that can lead to serious and more costly eye problems in the long run.

To save money, eye doctors recommend taking care of your eyeglass frames. You can still keep and use the frames even when a new prescription and new lenses are needed.

For people wearing contact lens, go for monthly contact lenses. They are less expensive than the dailies since you have to buy fewer products. Consider asking opticals and your optometrist office about sale and rebates on eye wear as well.

Protect Your Eyes And Your Health

Getting regular eye exams is important not just for the vision. Results of these tests can also provide doctors with clues about your health. Eye exams, for instance, may reveal other health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and diabetes.  Doctors are aware of the difference between healthy eyes and those with hemorrhages which tend to occur in people suffering from diabetes.

People are advised to get their eyes checked yearly particularly now that the use of eye-straining smartphones and computers pose risk of damage to the eyes. Exposure to blue light from computer screens is known to have negative impact on the eye, which is why health experts recommend that people get yearly eye exams.

Optometrists here at See Island Eyecare are more than willing to help keep your eyes healthy. Give us a call if you experience eye discomfort as a result of long-term exposure to computers and smartphones.

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