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How often should I check my sight? in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Prevention is the first measure in taking care of your visual health. During a visual examination in an Optical Center, different tests are performed (visual acuity, tonometry, anterior segment examination, etc.) to check the different parts of the eye to determine if there are any issues.

If vision has been lost it can be detected and corrected quickly without the situation becoming worse. The vision exams are not only used to detect if we need to wear glasses or contacts or change their prescription; they are also essential to diagnose other diseases that can damage vision such as glaucoma, high eye pressure, cataracts, etc.

How often should you have a visual exam performed?

In general, it is recommended to have your eyesight checked at least once a year. The frequency of eye exams will depend on different factors such as age, if there is a family history of eye pathologies or if any diseases are present that may affect visual health. If there are no previous pathologies, it is recommended to check the sight:

• In children, it is advisable to perform an initial examination at 6 months, then follow up with a complete visual examination once a year starting at the age of three or four. It is important to be
attentive to the visual health of children since it is closely related to their development and learning.

• Refractive problems such as myopia are frequently found in adolescents. At this stage, it is recommended to continue with the annual reviews until the age of 20. From this age on, if there are no problems, examinations can be carried out every two years.

• After the age of 30, eye exams must be annual again. From this point, it is essential to control factors such as intraocular tension, visual acuity, etc. As the years progress, our sight also suffers the effects of aging, and visual examinations become essential to detect possible eye pathologies associated with age such as the appearance of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.

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