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Honey & Your Eyes in Annapolis & Kent Island

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We have all heard that locally harvested honey can be effective in reducing allergy flare-ups.

Did you know it can be helpful for your eyes also?

Honey is a wonderful natural sweetener and replacement for sugar.  It’s also used all over the world for its antimicrobial, wound-healing, and soothing properties.

While not as popular in Western cultures, Ayurveda and other natural healing traditions have been using honey for centuries to treat health conditions of the eye.

Topically applied honey can reduce inflammation and irritation in your eye. It can also kill harmful bacteria that could be causing an eye infection.

Some people even use honey to try to gradually change the color of their eyes, although there isn’t any research to prove that it works.

Of course, we never recommend self-prescribing treatment for eye issues.  Dr. Barr is always willing to visit with you and discuss the best possible treatment for any problems you are having.  We just found this interesting and thought we would share! Visit us in Annapolis or Kent Island, or click here to contact us today!

Source:  Healthline, 2019

Written by Island Eyecare

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