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Getting An Eye Tattoo Can Blind You in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Eyeball tattoos are the new trend in tattooing. Many people now have black, blue and even multicolored eyes. Despite its popularity, eye specialists warn about the safety of getting an eye tattoo.

Eye experts from the University of Alberta in Canada reported the unfortunate case of a 24-year-old man who underwent this eyeball procedure. The man experienced sudden and painful loss of vision as the tattoo artist injected ink into his eye.

Eye tattooists inject ink just under the surface of the eye’s conjunctiva to color the white part of the eye but in this unlucky case, the tattoo artist injected the ink deep into the vitreous humor in the middle of the patient’s eye.

Three days after the tattoo procedure, the patient decided to seek treatment. Doctors removed the vitreous and the lens of his eye. They found that the lens was damaged by the needle during the tattoo procedure. They also discovered bacterial contamination so two surgeries and multiple procedures were made to deliver antibiotics as well as control the infection and the complication.

The entire eye, however, was eventually removed because the patient was in too much pain. The retina and the inside of the eye were discovered to be stained with ink. The doctors also found there was cell loss on the corneal epithelium that keeps the cornea healthy. Even if the affected eye was saved, the man would still suffer from serious vision problems.

Eye experts warn that these eye tattoos have not been medically or scientifically studied. Since the eye is not traditional tattooed, those who do eyeball tattoos may not even have the proper training to do the risky procedure.

The risks of the procedure include infection from the injection or tattoo ink, decreased vision or even complete blindness, sensitivity to light, and potential loss of the eye.

There are other options to change the color or appearance of the eyes but it is best to take the safer option by talking to an ophthalmologist. Colored contact lenses, which are also popularly used to temporarily change the color of the eyes, can be found on the internet and are sold in costume shops. However steer free of contacts unless they have been prescribed and fitted by your doctor.

Our eye experts at See Island Eyecare should you have any concerns about your eyes or you need doctor-prescribed contact lens. Contact us today to set an appointment.

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