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While glasses are meant to protect your eyes, they can quite easily make you stand out in others’ eyes when used as a fashion statement. When summertime rolls around and you are looking for an accessory to add to your image at the pool, beach, or backyard barbeque, pay careful attention to your choice of sunglasses.

Fashion and styles are constantly changing so this makes shopping for trendy sunglasses difficult. For example, you might find the perfect style that is ‘in’ but a few months later there’s a new style taking over. One way to avoid this problem is to shop for variations of classic styles such as aviators and “P3” shapes.

Looks are not everything though; the glasses must be comfortable and fit properly. This may narrow the selection you have to choose from since different shaped frames will fit your head differently.

If you are the type of person who wears sunglasses in most outdoor situations, it may be best to purchase a few pairs. Sunglasses that are best for sports will have a wrap-around style that will not be as appealing in social settings. On the other hand, aviators and other types of designer glasses will look great but give you poor performance during a sporting event.

Sport sunglasses in a wraparound style are the best bet for reducing the risk of eye damage from the sun. This is why they are so popular for the beach or when you’re out on the water.

Another factor to consider is the type of lenses in your glasses. The best combination of built-in UV protection, impact resistance for safety and lightweight comfort comes from polycarbonate lenses. It is mostly personal preference on whether you choose lighter or darker lenses; you should take into account how much light you will be in when you’re wearing your sunglasses. However, the darkness of the glasses is not an indicator of UV radiation protection and you should talk to your optician about how much protection your glasses will provide.

Glasses are a large part of fashion these days and are a great way to grab attention. Talk to a professional if you have any questions about styles and fashion or about which frames and lenses will be the best for your sporting lifestyle.

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