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Some of our favorite customers are children. They usually come in excited for the experience of undergoing an eye exam. It’s all so new and interesting. Moreover, there are few things more satisfying than having your sight corrected so you can see things clearly. Yes, the life of an optometrist is very rewarding.

Often our youngest customers vow they want to be an ‘eye doctor’ when they grow up. This is a noble aspiration! Here are the expected trends in the field of optometry in the future.

First, the state of optometry is changing. Most optometrists will work in a collaborative environment instead of having a one-doctor office. The most common format in the future will be a two or three clinician practice. Still small and personal but more efficient. Multiple clinicians allow for longer practice hours to meet the needs of potential customers on evenings and weekends.

A continuing increase in vision care plans increases the patient base as more people who need vision care will be able to afford it. This will increase efficiency and open the door for the need for greater assistance in the offices. So, for those who are interested in working in an optometry office but not having to go to medical school for the privilege – expect a large increase in the need for optometry assistants in the future. It is a great career and just one way to give back to your community!

Another change is the continued infusion of technology into the optometrist’s office and tools. What can be expected in the next decade is a transformation of the office environment to one that is paperless. Everything will be technology-driven. Electronic records, signature pins and more will make an optometrist’s office of the future look somewhat different from today.

Finally, optometry offices will become a vision care provider and the dispensation of vision care products will be received via a prescription that is sent to a mail-order house where your contact lenses and other items are created and sent out. The optometrist will act as a go-between and prescriptions for eyewear can be good for up to a year’s worth of materials (such as contact lenses).

The professionals at Island Eyecare are here to meet your eyecare needs today and tomorrow! We look forward to serving you.

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