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Technology has become an integral and accepted part of life. It continues to shape itself into forms that make it more accessible and easier to utilize. It is possible that the introduction of ‘apps’ (technology applications) has revolutionized technology to a greater extent than even the internet itself – although one could not exist without the other.

Today there are over a billion ‘apps’ with new ones being added every day. It is hardly possible to become familiar with all of them, or even a small portion. Each one vies for our attention and download – after all ‘apps’ are big business. We have collected information on a few that are relevant to sight, vision and eyecare. We hope this helps! Remember that apps can be free or come with a price…and are able to be downloaded on any number of devices.
• Amsler Grid App. This targets symptoms of macular degeneration and other forms of distortion that are found in your field of vision.
• BigClock HD/Bigger Clock HD and Giant Clock Apps. These are separate apps that provide time in large displays with additional customization such as regional time information, and language adaptations.
• EyeCBest. This site operates as a ‘magnifying glass’. Users are able to customize the size, font and text of a website with a simple click once the app has been downloaded.
• EyeXam. This is a free app that allows you to test your vision using 20/20 as the benchmark. It also checks for other eye issues such as astigmatism and color blindness.
• Magnifying Glass/Magnifying Glass with Light. These programs allow you to point your phone at something and it will enlarge it for easier viewing. It will also freeze it so you are able to read or view it at your pace! Examples of usage include reading small print menus or bottles with tiny words.
There are hundreds of other apps aimed at vision and eyesight. Some support those who are suffering from a form of visual impairment or blindness. There are apps that teach and write in braille or translate the denominations of money in a variety of currencies.
Stay tuned to this blog! We will review more vision ‘apps’ in the future. Meanwhile, we invite you to make an appointment at Island Eyecare. Your best vision is our goal!

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