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Eye Exams are a Great Gift in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Here we are at holiday time again and if you are like most Americans there may be a few people on your list for whom you are stumped on what to give them this year. You don’t want to waste your money on gag gifts. Those ugly sweaters just aren’t funny anymore. No, this year you want to dig deep into your gift bag and pull out something creative!

Well, may we suggest you get a gift card to Island Eyecare! Really, what could be better than giving the gift of sight? Our gift cards can be purchased in a variety of denominations and may be applied to the breadth of services and products offered. For example, that gift card might be used to:

• Pay for an eye exam. Often people who lack vision insurance may choose to forgo annual eye check-ups because they can’t afford it. Others may skip yearly eye exams because they consider making the appointment a chore they can put off. When you put a gift certificate in their hands, they no longer have an excuse! A gift card to Island Eyecare is like giving the gift of sight!

• Pay for vision products. Perhaps the gift card receiver needs a new pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses. Maybe they would like to try contacts for the first time ever. Your gift card gives them the opportunity to make choices that are stylish and relevant.

Now put the gift card in a pretty envelope with a business card from Island Eyecare to make it easier for the gift receiver to use it. Island Eyecare will be happy to provide more information about gift cards. We value your business and your vision!

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