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Developing Lifelong Healthy Vision in Annapolis & Kent Island

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For the first six months, the only distance a baby can focus is about 8-15 inches from their face. Beyond the face of the person holding them, the world is made up of blurry shapes, light and shadow. To help develop their vision, parents can play peek-a-boo, encourage them to track movement, and show them plenty of colors.

Around six months, babies begin to develop hand-eye coordination. They learn through crawling and starting to grab at colorful objects. Walking comes next, which involves visual skills, comprehension and balance. By age two, toddlers are exercising their vision with arts and crafts, blocks, and other developmental toys.

While encouraging healthy vision at home is important, eye exams are critical at all ages. Since babies and toddlers can’t express anything about their vision to us vocally, scheduling an eye exam around six months old and again around three years old will help ensure their vision is on track.

While pediatricians often perform these procedures, we can also help your child on his or her way to a life of healthy vision. Contact us today, we’ll be happy to help.

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