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eyecare,Optometrist,wellnessMakeup can enhance your appearance and make you feel better, but it can pose a threat to eye health if you’re not careful. Follow these practices to protect your eyes.

1. Never share makeup, even with a close friend or family member. Applicators, eyeshadow, and mascara can all carry bacteria. If you sample makeup at the store, always use clean applicators and makeup samples that haven’t been used by others. If unused samples aren’t available, apply makeup to the inside of your wrist to see the color on your skin.

2. Throw makeup away after three months. Bacteria grows on makeup which can cause irritation or an infection. If you get an eye infection, throw away all makeup, including applicators, and replace them with new items.

3. Clean brushes and applicators regularly. Mild soap and warm water will prevent contamination. Be sure to let everything dry thoroughly before putting them back in your makeup case or bag. Keep your makeup bag clean as well.

4. When applying makeup, avoid clogging tear ducts, and don’t apply product too close to your lash line. If you wear false eyelashes, be careful not to apply too much glue, and avoid getting it in your eyes. When removing lash strips, wet the adhesive strip with water to avoid pulling out your natural lashes.

5. Don’t use sharp or pointed objects near your eye when applying makeup. For example, don’t use nail care tools such as files or scissors to separate clumpy mascara.

6. Remove makeup completely every day to prevent eye irritation. Use a mild cleanser around your eyes and don’t rub or press on the eye. Start with clean skin when applying makeup, especially around the eyes.

7. If you tend to have allergies, use makeup specially blended for sensitive skin. When you change products, change one at a time so that if there’s a reaction you can stop using that product.

8. Avoid makeup with glitter, sparkles or other ingredients that could flake off and fall into your eye. Additives like glitter could scratch the cornea.

Practice good hygiene with your makeup to keep your eyes healthy as well as beautiful. The staff at See Island Eyecare can provide you with information about ways to protect your eyes and how regular eye exams can prevent eye disease. Make an appointment today with See Island Eyecare.

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