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Science and technology continue to amaze and break boundaries. This is as true in the area of eye care as other industries. The latest buzz is about a product called ‘smart lenses’. These are contact lenses that will be able to perform a number of functions along with adjusting your eyesight so you are able to see clearly.

One potential task for smart lenses will be to monitor your blood sugar. This is an adaptation that will be especially important to diabetics. For years diabetics have had to poke their finger to get a drop of blood that they would then test to determine their glucose levels. Smart lenses will be able to provide this same information to diabetics without the dreaded finger prick.
Another valuable use of smart contact lenses will be to deliver medication directly to the eyes. The lenses will be programmed to release specific amounts of medication directly to the eye according to a pre-determined time table. It would replace the need for eye drops in your eye. Researchers believe it will be of value for treatment of a variety of eye-related ailments and diseases such as glaucoma.
Smart lense technology is also being investigated for its possibility to correct vision without the use of glasses. In other words, if you are either nearsighted or farsighted you will no longer need bifocal or trifocal lenses or be required to turn your head to adjust your eyesight. It could even take the place of things like Lasik surgery.

So with all these great ideas on the horizon of contact lens technology, what seems to be the hold-up? It is expected that people all over the world will line up to buy these new types of lenses! For one thing, creating eyewear is highly complicated. Smart lenses will need to be programmed with advanced circuitry, microchips and more. But they must also be ‘breathable’ and safe.

Smart lenses are an idea of the future. Hopefully not too far into the future however!

If you need contact lenses, then be smart and visit Island Eyecare. Our professional staff looks forward to serving you!

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