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Contact Lenses for Teenagers in Annapolis & Kent Island

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For teenagers who either need to get corrected vision and do not want glasses or for those who have glasses and want a change, contacts are a great alternative. Before contacts are purchased, the teen and their parents must have good information about use and safety and what would be best for the individual teenager.

One fact is that there is no specific age limit to wearing contacts but professionals will not typically start to use them for kids until their early teenage years. This is an age when teenagers can be very conscious of how they look and of their appearance so glasses may not be desired by a lot of them, especially if they have never had glasses before and do not want to change that now.

Another important thing to know about contacts is maintenance and care. Luckily now, there are daily contacts which require no cleaning or maintenance other than remembering to take them out at the end of each day and putting new ones on in the morning. For contacts that do require care, it is not much more than a bottle of solution and a container for your contacts. It is a very simple process.

In terms of cost, contacts vary greatly just as glasses would. The exception are daily contacts which can be priced at about one dollar per day making them reasonably affordable. For more specific cost you should consult a specialist about which specific type of contacts would be most beneficial.

Again, comparing them to glasses, there may be concerns about the comfort. When fitted properly, contacts are barely noticeable. This is a result of the soft material used in new contact lenses and how well professionals are able to fit them to the patient. Without proper cleaning they may become uncomfortable but this is avoidable by using daily lenses or taking good care of the reusable lenses.

Contacts lenses are safe and sometimes even safer than glasses as there is no potential for breaking and getting shards of glass in the eye. There are many more questions to be answered which are great for an eye specialist to answer. The doctor can also talk to you about what is best for your specific interest.

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