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Choosing the Right Frames for You in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Whether you’re getting glasses for the first time or looking for a fresh, new style, picking out the right frames can be a tough decision. With an array of colors, styles, and brands to choose from, you probably wonder which pair will suit you the best. Here are some tips for finding the frames that you’ll feel great in.

One of the first things you might consider is your face shape. Oval face shapes have balanced proportions, which allows for a lot of versatility. You can pull off most styles, but oversized or wide frames are particularly flattering. If you have a heart shaped face, opt for thin, rimless, or lightly colored frames. They’ll soften and highlight your features. Angular frames look great on round face shapes, and round frames that sit high on the nose are an excellent choice for square face shapes.

When it comes to picking a color, your skin tone can also be an important factor in your decision. If your skin has warm undertones, some suggestions include khaki, gold, or peach frames. For cool undertones, black, silver, and blue-gray are all good options. To help you decide between warm or cool shades, you might also think about your hair and eye color. Blue and brown eyes can vary depending on your particular shade, but they’ll either fall into the warm or cool category. The same goes for hair color. For example, golden blonde is considered a warm color, while ash brown is considered a cool color.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll also want to think of which pair will suit your personality and style the most. Your eyewear can be an expression of who you are, so have fun! Our experienced opticians can help you select the frames that are right for you. We offer a wide selection of brands including Izod, Nike, Berlinger, and many more.

For all of your eyewear questions and needs, contact the professionals at Island Eyecare. Call us in Annapolis at (410) 224-2306, in Kent Island at (410) 604-0100, or visit our website at

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