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A Simple Solution for Eye Strain in Annapolis & Kent Island

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Optometrist, Eyecare ,WellnessMornings are usually the best time for all parts of the human body. You’ve slept, you’re refreshed, and your body has rejuvenated itself. Then the day wears on and you start to tire out. So do your eyes. This is especially true if you are working indoors without full access to natural light. There is ample research to confirm that the use of computers over an extended period of time during the day causes eye strain.

But few are aware that the lighting itself can also affect your ability to see clearly in your home or office and cause you to strain your vision as well. Attempting to focus your eyes on a task with lighting that is too dim is damaging. While working in a dimly lit room may not actually damage your eyesight ‘per se’, it definitely causes strain to the eyes as you have to work harder to visualize whatever task you are working on.

Any task you attempt to perform in a ‘wrongly’ lit environment will result in a variety of symptoms including such things as watery eyes, headaches, blurred vision and double vision. At the same time, you will also find you have an increasingly heightened sensitivity to the light.

There is an easy solution for eye strain. Be self-aware that your eyes are straining and create a source of lighting that will reduce this. Often a well-placed lamp can improve your ability to see. And, if you are using a computer over a lengthy period of time, it would be beneficial to adjust the brightness level on the monitor so that it mirrors the level of lighting around you. Often the problem may be glare that is caused by sitting too close to a natural light source – a window or door. This may unknowingly cause you to squint and strain your sight. One suggestion is to reduce the natural light by adjusting blinds or wearing eyeglasses designed to reduce glare.

Be aware of your eyesight as the day progresses. While you may not be bothered by eye strain at the start of the day, it can creep up on you!

And remember – if you are struggling with your vision in any way, the experts at See Island Eyecare extend our desire to help you find a solution. We have a long-standing reputation of providing superior service and look forward to working with you.

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