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What Your Eyes Tell About Your Health


Your eyes offer a great deal of information about your health. Eye specialists may even discover you are suffering from certain health conditions or diseases just by examining your eyes. Peephole for Diseases Although many conditions can reveal themselves with symptoms that show up in the mouth, the skin, the fingernails, and other parts of [...]

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Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light Emitted By Digital Devices


Many people can’t last a day without looking at their mobile devices. A recent study conducted by Bank of America, showed that almost half of U.S. consumers rely on their digital devices, usually checking their phones first thing in the morning then using their computer at work. Dangers of Blue Light Despite the convenience these [...]

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How to Save Money on Eye Care


People may ignore eye care when they try to save money. Unfortunately, this is a wrong move that can have serious and even costly consequences. High Cost Of Ignoring Eye Health Those who neglect seeing their doctor despite suspecting they have problems with their eyes may realize their mistake too late when their vision has [...]

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How to Reduce the Risk of Eye Infection


Some contact lenses may be designed for extended wear, which means it is okay to leave them in your eyes overnight. Unfortunately, daily wear lenses need to be removed on a nightly basis. Neglecting to remove them from your eyes can pose risks of infection and serious corneal damage. What to Do when Contact Lenses [...]

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