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Vision Over the Age of 40


One of the many unavoidable consequences of aging is the deterioration of eyesight. A common reason for this is presbyopia. Around the age of 40 is symptoms such as blurred vision will start to arise during up-close activities such as knitting or reading. The startling truth is that presbyopia more often than not will affect [...]

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Infant Eyesight


While it would be great if your baby’s first sight was a clear picture of their mom or dad, this is not necessarily the case. Infants’ eyesight for the first week of their life is relatively unclear. In reality, it will take a few months for your baby’s vision to fully develop. Just like many [...]

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Eye Problems That Come with Age


Growing older comes with its ups and downs and one of those downs is deterioration in vision. Some are just minor complications, while other risks that increase could even lead to blindness. Regular eye exams are the best way to make sure you catch any issues as soon as you can. There a few signs [...]

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Contact Lenses for Teenagers


For teenagers who either need to get corrected vision and do not want glasses or for those who have glasses and want a change, contacts are a great alternative. Before contacts are purchased, the teen and their parents must have good information about use and safety and what would be best for the individual teenager. [...]

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