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An Annoying Vision Problem


I think we can all agree that if your vision is affected negatively, it impacts all aspects of your life. From struggling to see things far away to feeling a strain on your eyes after looking at a screen for long periods of time – it is really difficult to maximize everyday experiences unless you [...]

An Annoying Vision Problem2019-12-06T22:09:47+00:00

A Good Night’s Rest is Good for Your Eyes


This is the time of year when people tend to stay up late shopping, partying, wrapping presents and just tossing restlessly from the excitement! Did you buy enough food to feed the extended family for Thanksgiving? Should you have made that last-minute purchase of a new dining table on credit? With all the anticipation it’s [...]

A Good Night’s Rest is Good for Your Eyes2019-11-27T18:15:26+00:00



The world is changing faster than most of us can internalize. Where once the only way to receive any form of medical attention was by visiting a doctor’s office in person – the field of ‘telemedicine’ has taken hold and shows no signs of slowing down. This is true in the field of optometry and [...]


Gene Therapy and Optical Issues


The marvels of science may be nowhere more apparent than with the possibilities it holds for human vision. This is particularly true in the case of gene therapy as a treatment for poor eyesight. Gene therapy can be explained as simply inserting ‘corrective genetic material into cells’ as a method of alleviating disease symptoms. Of [...]

Gene Therapy and Optical Issues2019-11-26T10:38:39+00:00

Eyecare and Vision Apps


Technology has become an integral and accepted part of life. It continues to shape itself into forms that make it more accessible and easier to utilize. It is possible that the introduction of ‘apps’ (technology applications) has revolutionized technology to a greater extent than even the internet itself – although one could not exist without [...]

Eyecare and Vision Apps2019-11-26T10:38:39+00:00
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