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AI and Ophthalmology


The world of optometry and ophthalmology are changing many aspects of life at lightning speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by machines versus that of human capability. Its definition is actually much more complex and refers to devices that are able to perceive their environment and achieve a goal. It sounds like the [...]

AI and Ophthalmology2019-04-16T02:44:49+00:00

A Cure for Blindness?


There are many causes of blindness. It may be the result of an accident or it may be due to some form of progressive eye disease or it could be genetic. A small biotech firm has been in the process of developing a therapy for an infrequent type of blindness. The treatment is genetic-based and [...]

A Cure for Blindness?2019-04-07T06:04:02+00:00

Contact Lenses of the Future


Science and technology continue to amaze and break boundaries. This is as true in the area of eye care as other industries. The latest buzz is about a product called ‘smart lenses’. These are contact lenses that will be able to perform a number of functions along with adjusting your eyesight so you are able [...]

Contact Lenses of the Future2019-03-28T05:48:06+00:00

Teary Eyed?


Do your eyes well up at the sight of a sentimental movie? How about a love song? Do beautiful lyrics bring tears to your eyes? Of course, there are many things that can make you cry. Some are happy and some are sad. But, did you know that scientists have actually studied the subject of [...]

Teary Eyed?2019-03-14T05:26:45+00:00
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