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Contact Lens Safety Tips


For most contact lens wearers, contacts are a dream come true—perfect vision without the annoyance of glasses. As convenient as contacts are, they can cause serious eye infections if not cared for properly. Island Eyecare and the American Optometric Association recommend the following. […]

Contact Lens Safety Tips2019-10-17T04:29:54+00:00

Considering A LASIK Procedure? Here’s What To Expect


LASIK eye surgery is an effective vision correction option for patients seeking an alternative to glasses and contact lenses. If you’re considering a LASIK procedure or already have your surgery scheduled, here’s an overview of what you can expect. […]

Considering A LASIK Procedure? Here’s What To Expect2019-10-07T22:46:05+00:00

What Can You Expect on Your First Eye Exam?


If you are experiencing eye discomfort or trouble with your vision, you’ve made the right choice in deciding that it’s time to check in with an eye care professional. Regular eye exams are highly recommended, so keeping a check on the health and wellbeing of your eyes is always a good idea. […]

What Can You Expect on Your First Eye Exam?2019-09-27T03:37:14+00:00

I See You! A Brief History of the Contact Lens


While contact lenses may seem like a modern invention, they’ve been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. The concept of a type of lens that could be worn directly on the eye’s surface may in fact have come from one of the world’s most prolific and esteemed inventors—Leonardo DaVinci. In 1508, [...]

I See You! A Brief History of the Contact Lens2019-09-23T18:05:29+00:00

Choosing the Right Frames for You


Whether you’re getting glasses for the first time or looking for a fresh, new style, picking out the right frames can be a tough decision. With an array of colors, styles, and brands to choose from, you probably wonder which pair will suit you the best. Here are some tips for finding the frames that [...]

Choosing the Right Frames for You2019-09-16T01:33:59+00:00
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