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Have Great Vision? Why Eye Exams Are Still Important


Losing vision is often the last thing that happens when you’ve got an eye disease, which means it is important to continue to visit your eye doctor, even if you’ve got great vision. Comprehensive exams allow doctors to see things that you can’t, and to discover small problems before they become bigger issues. Regardless of [...]

Have Great Vision? Why Eye Exams Are Still Important2021-10-15T15:54:23+00:00

Pumpkin Spiced Eyes?


We know.  This time of year it’s pumpkin-spiced everything.  So we did a little research to see how pumpkins are beneficial to your eye and guess what… They are! As it turns out, pumpkins are rich in zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, lutein, and zeaxanthin, making them beneficial for your vision and total health. So, [...]

Pumpkin Spiced Eyes?2021-09-23T23:41:14+00:00

Fall Eyewear Trends


As the leaves begin to change, is it time to change up your eyewear? From animal and floral prints to clear frames, these are some of the new trends for the fall. Animal print: Whether you prefer leopard or cheetah, animal print is both stylish and neutral, and can be paired with just about anything. [...]

Fall Eyewear Trends2021-09-10T19:45:03+00:00

Get to Know Presbyopia


Presbyopia is the normal loss of near focusing ability that occurs with age. Most people begin to notice the effects of presbyopia after the age of 40 when they start having trouble reading small print, including texts and emails on smartphones. Unfortunately, even if you’ve never had vision problems, you can’t escape presbyopia. Presbyopia develops [...]

Get to Know Presbyopia2021-08-20T13:46:45+00:00
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