Your eyes bring the world to you. Regular eye exams help to ensure you see things clearly. However, they also may uncover hidden health problems of which you were not aware. It is important to set regular eye appointments and keep them – even if you feel your sight is fine! What follows is important information about eye exams.

• You should have an eye exam if you are straining to read, struggling to drive (especially at night) or experiencing headaches on a frequent basis.

• You should have an eye exam if you are experiencing double vision, cannot see colors clearly or see halos surrounding a light.

• You should have an eye exam if the condition of your pupil changes. For instance, if the pupil is not dark but beginning to turn milky, and/or white spots appear on the surface of the pupil.

• You should have an eye exam if you do close-up work or stare at monitors or screens for long periods of time. Also, if your peripheral vision is changing you should see an eyecare professional.

Many people have vision insurance these days that generally allows for annual checkups. However, if you notice any change to your vision then do not hesitate to make an appointment and see an eye care specialist immediately.

If you are a parent, then it is equally important to have your children’s vision checked regularly, starting as early as the age of 2. It is very difficult to test a child’s vision but there are small indications that a toddler may be struggling to see. These include:

Your child may squint when they are looking at something near or far.
Your child may run into things that seem to be obvious hazards.
Your child may not track things visually such as a balloon or other toy.
Your child may exhibit crossed-eyes or a lazy eye.

As the child grows and enters school it will be easier to identify vision problems. Children may complain they are unable to see the board clearly. Too, most schools hold annual vision testing and will notify parents if their child is showing signs of poor vision. Do not ignore these warnings. If the cost of eye wear or optometry visits is too expensive then seek out the support of your local social service agency.

Island Eyecare cares about your vision. We always ‘look forward’ to ‘seeing you’!